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Rudra: The Idea of Shiva
This is a semi-fictionalized book where the defining moments of Shiva’s life are conveyed through the eyes of his most intimate mythological companions. This includes Vishnu, Sati, Daksha, Ganesha and Parvati, who, in narratives in the first person, take turns to praise, criticize, explain, complain about Shiva. Through the prism of what they choose to reveal, there emerges a vision of a god who assimilates in his person the most extreme contradictions. Chitgopekar traces the diverse threads of history, philosophy, anthropology and faith that have coalesced to create such an intriguing deity- Shiva.
The Book of Durga
This book explores the complexity of the goddess Durga, by going through captivating interpretations of myths rituals, ancient scriptures and iconographic representations.
Invoking Goddesses: Gender Politics in Indian Religion
Through a study of different Indian goddesses, using detailed linguistic analysis of hymns, prayers, iconography inscriptions, actual ritual performances and interviews with practitioners, this collection of essays sensitizes readers to a gendered approach to the politics of divinities.
Encountering Sivaism: The Deity, the Milieu, the Entourage
This book demonstrates a way by which the development of a religion may be studied within the parameters of a defined geographical and chronological context- in this case Madhya Pradesh and the period 550- 1200 ce. It takes cognizance of the evolution of Siva’s pantheon through the fluid process of cultural coalescence. The agencies of acculturation include the visual and the literary material. Art is looked as an index to socio-religious change at macro and micro levels, without restricting the study to specific doctrinal–theological developments, the focus has been on the rationale of religious developments in terms of the material milieu.
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