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  • The Saiva Pantheon In Indonesia,
    in Himanshu Prabha Ray, Sacred Landscapes in Asia; Shared Traditions, Multiple Histories, IIC & Manohar, 2007    Click to view
  • Entries in Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions.
    ‘Motherhood in Hinduism ’ ‘Fatherhood in Hinduism ’ ‘Beauty in Hinduism’, Encyclopedia of Love in World Religions ,ed, Judit Greenberg , ABC-CLIO , California , USA , 2007.

    Beauty in Hinduism 
    Fatherhood in Hinduism 
    Motherhood in Hinduism

    “Some Aspects of Sivaism in Madhya Pradesh,
    c. AD 550-1300,” Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 52nd Session, New Delhi,1991-92.pp.121-128.

  • ”Women in India;
    A Brief Historical Survey by Tripta Desai (A Review), Social Science Probings, vol.9,nos.1-4,Mar-Dec 1992.
  • ’Episodes of Cultic Tension in the Puranas’,
    Historical Diversities, vol.3, 1993.
  • ’A Response to Professor Dharampal’s Bharatiya, Chitta, Manas and Kala,’
    Hindu-Christian Studies Bulletin,vol.8,1995,pp13-16
  • ’Theatrical Possession’ Biblio:
    A book review of Sarah Caldwell’s Oh Terrifying Mother, May-June 2000.
  • ’Japanese Scholarship on India’.
    Social Scientist, (Review Article). Vol.28, nos 7-8, July – Aug 2000.
  • Indian Demonology : The Inverted Pantheon, by N.N. Bhattacharyya. Vol.17,2,n.s. (2001) A Book Review Article in Studies in History.
  • Is the Goddess a Feminist,
    Alf Hiltebeitel & Kathleen M.Erndl (ed) In Asian Journal Of Social Science,,June 2003, A Book Review article in Asian Journal of Social Science, March 2004
  • Gendering the Spirit,
    Durre S. Ahmed (ed) - Biblio,
  • Sculpture and Scripture; Negotiating a Co-Existence?
    in Madhu Khanna, Shaktika, ( forthcoming)
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