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Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. The papers she teaches are, The History of Early India, The History of the USA and Transformations in History. Her research, for the most part, has been in the History and Development of Indian Religions, which she has taught at the post-graduate level for several years.

In her writings and the lectures she delivers , she tries to unravel the complexity of Hindu gods and goddesses by combining the study of religion with historical data, which among other things includes, mythology, inscriptions, iconography and scriptures. More recently she has been testing this data in conjunction with elements of faith..

A poet, who has been published in anthologies and journals, she has presented her poems in readings in India and in the USA.

"The marvel of Hinduism lies in the presence of deities who seem to enthusiastically syncretize, albeit with assistance from, an assortment of rather pliable agencies. This would include mythology, sculpture, epithets and so much more. The result is much of high brow Sanskritic dialogue melding with the ‘folk’ ‘village’ local nuances , rendering separation sometimes difficult. Placed on opposite sides of the spectrum, somewhere they merge to become the matrix, they combine to provide a template for all those who like to bury themselves in this drama of human imagination, both past and present. " - Dr. Nilima Chitgopekar
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